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Orchestrating resources to protect your people

Protecting internal and external human resources

  • Prepared people with the appropriate skills, experience and relevant training
  • With up-to-date, validated certifications and qualifications, ready to go work
  • People orchestration ensures the right people resources, at the right time, in the right place, every time!

People Orchestration Solutions

QUALIFY - Human Resources

QUALIFY - Human Resources

Ensure that your most valuable people and human resources are prepared and engaged for the greatest performance and value contribution

  • Workforce mobilization and registration
  • Workforce certification and validation
  • Site inductions and familiarizations
  • Skills and qualifications expiry management
  • Learning management and ongoing resource up-skilling
  • Lone worker management

MONITOR - Human Resources

MONITOR - Human Resources

Ensure that your most valuable people and human resources are monitored and managed to deliver the greatest performance and value contribution at the lowest cost possible

  • People tracking & tracing
  • Event detection & behavorial monitoring
  • Management of expiring skills
  • Skills certification assessment & monitoring
  • Ongoing learning to upgrade performance

OPTIMIZE - Human Resources

OPTIMIZE - Human Resources

Ensure that your most valuable people assets are assessed and optimized for the greatest performance and value contribution

  • Advanced people related dashboards, alerts, and notifications
  • Human resource compliance measurement & workforce analytics
  • Data driven recommendations and optimization
  • Process & learning optimization

FUSE - Human Resources

FUSE - Human Resources

Extend the Damstra solutions by smoothly integrating with your existing information systems for an end-to-end view of your business.

Easily integrates with:

  • Enterprise HR
  • HRM
  • Payroll systems
  • Learning management systems

Did you know?



Of employees & contractors experience poor onboarding



Of workers are actively disengaged at their work



Improvement in worker retention with optimized onboarding & safety processes



Of companies use open API's or SDK's for their integration efforts

Case Study

People orchestration

Damstra partnered with a major international energy business to streamline contractor management, and increase safety & compliance on site

  • Construction of a major new power station in Asia Pacific
  • Up to 1600 workers and contractors
  • Integration of contractor management, pre-qualifications, digital inductions, digital forms, access control & temperature detection

The major international company was looking to move from a basic system with no visibility or integration to a  complete access control system, temperature detection, contractor management, online training, and digital forms to ensure complete safety, compliance and security to the construction work site

Damstra deployed a fully integrated digital
workplace management solution for access control, contractor management, HSE
management, online learning and temperature detection

The company now ensures a compliant worksite and workforce with:

  • streamlined processes through digital workforce management, online learning, & paperless forms
  • Real-time visibility of who is on site, at any time
  • Digital online learning with savings in time & cost of training & administration
  • Heightened security & compliance with enhanced temperature detection integrated with access control 

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