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Connected Assets

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Protect Your Assets for Compliance and Investment Preservation

Every effective safety program is designed to ensure that people are protected from harm and go home from work in the same condition as when they arrived.

A huge component of this is ensuring that the tools, equipment, machines, vehicles, and other physical assets in every workplace are not only maintained and in safe working order — but are also connected and used by only those individuals who are certified and trained for operation and utilization.

Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) ties together all this information to ensure that connected assets are properly maintained and only available to those who are competent to use them. The solution keeps worker credentials and competencies current and uses biometrics data or badge readers to validate that the proper training and credentials are in place before making the equipment available or allowing a vehicle to start.

The EPP ensures that your assets are engaged, audited, and preserved to protect your investment and optimize performance through:

  • Asset data such as certification, validation, and registration
  • Asset site inductions and familiarizations
  • Verified maintenance history and management
  • Asset inspection forms captured onsite and digitally
  • Compliance and safety protocols/procedures
  • Asset and equipment tracking via tight inventory controls to ensure readiness and availability when needed
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With the EPP connecting and monitoring assets, it minimizes work interruption or downtime, ensures that assets are properly utilized, increases operational efficiency, prevents theft, and avoids last-minute maintenance costs because equipment tracking is proactive and in real time. This connects assets, people, and workplaces for greater performance, improved asset readiness, compliance, and lower risk.

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