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Accessible Information Management

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Orchestrate Your Accessible Information Across the Organization

Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) has been designed to connect, store, and organize all of your health, safety and training information regardless of where each document or communication was originally created or used.

Virtually all large organizations have deployed standalone accessible information management technologies that are not integrated, and then manage them manually on paper or with spreadsheet technology to try to stay legally compliant. This approach has proven to be inadequate, expensive, and full of unnecessary risk.

Damstra’s EPP provides a central location to manage information technology on your workers, their skills, certifications and licensing, as well as their training or other communication needs. From an information standpoint, forms and checklists are a key part of managing workplace safety. They are used to manage compliance, educate employees, assess risk, prevent accidents, document safety audits, and more.

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Within the EPP, you can better manage your information assets to:

  • Create custom checklists to standardize inspections for specific communication needs
  • Build custom workflows to manage any identified issues
  • Conduct paperless safety audits from anywhere at anytime
  • Produce powerful analytics and reporting to monitor and manage results
  • Prepopulate forms with real-time data from the EPP or your other integrated systems and add digital signatures for immediate approvals

The EPP can even translate your accessible technology and captured data into the exact forms required by the government, all available at the push of button. Damstra provides a 360-degree view of all your people, your sites and information to protect and connect your world.

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