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Predictive Analytics Software

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Make Data-Driven Safety Decisions

Damstra’s Predictive Safety Analytics use dashboards and analytics to track the entire workplace in real time: time and attendance, hours worked, license expiry alerts, access control information, blood alcohol test reporting, skills matrix, overstay, and fatigue alerts.

Predictive Safety Analytics gathers huge amounts of data on your contractors, workers, assets, and incidents to provide meaningful insights and improve safety, compliance, risk assessment, and operational efficiency across your organization. Having this information not only streamlines and improves your overall safety culture – but has positive impact on your bottom line.

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Being able to easily access and analyze reams of data during safety observations and audits takes it from raw data into proactive, actionable insights. This not only identifies potential risks and address them before they result in safety incidents, but it helps predict and prevent future accidents to keep your worksites safe.

Predictive Safety Analytics is a foundational module within Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) that helps keep your workplaces free from avoidable safety risks.

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  • Real-time dashboards and alerts
  • Data analysis displayed by time, location, site, employee type, and more
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • Skills matrix, drug, and alcohol reporting

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  • Predict and prevent future accidents
  • Eliminate guesswork on safety concerns
  • Take immediate action to reduce risk and improve safety
  • Address incident root causes and eliminate them
  • Reinforce and improve your safety culture
  • Track risk exposure and reduce safety-related costs
  • Monitor critical touch points in the business
  • Isolate key metrics to improve safety, compliance, and workplace efficiency

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