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With so many moving parts and a high potential for unsafe working conditions, ports face unique safety and risk management challenges.

Ports are notoriously one of the most dangerous work environments for a variety of reasons. Workers – comprised primarily of contract labor — are often untrained or not adequately skilled to work at height, operate heavy machinery, work long hours with often inadequate breaks, and may not even be authorized to be onsite.

Besides the human risk potential, the fast-paced port atmosphere can lead to falling cargo, exposure to all types of weather conditions causing unsafe surfaces for slips, trips and falls, equipment risks, and lone worker challenges. There are often pressures to load or unload a ship’s cargo quickly to catch a tide or to free up a wharf. Visiting drivers also want to pick up or drop off their cargo as quickly as possible and get back on the road. With ports, constantly changing circumstances lead to constantly changing risks

According to Ports Skills and Safety, these site issues account for 78% of reported port safety incidents in 2021 including slips, trips, and falls; handling, lifting, or carrying injuries; being hit by moving, flying, or falling objects; and driving-related incidents. At Damstra, we understand how all these risk factors add up. Our Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) manages and tracks all your most important resources.

At Damstra, we understand how all these risk factors add up. Our Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) manages and tracks all types of workers to address the potential for unsafe working conditions at ports. Our EPP solution for port safety management includes:.

  • Workforce Management

    Ensures all workers are current with their training and properly prepared to conduct themselves safely in the workplace. Damstra Workforce Management effectively tracks your workers including permanents, contractors, and vendors, across all port activity. It digitizes and automates the compliance process while providing real-time visibility into daily operations so that only fully trained and approved workers are let onsite, and only those licensed to safety operate heavy equipment can do so.

  • Solo

    Runs on a wearable or smartphone and is designed to keep workers visible, safe, and connected. Proven effective in busy ports where it’s easy to lose sight of workers operating at heights or in obscure locations while loading/unloading containers, Solo monitors each worker’s biometrics, location, and has sophisticated fall and vehicle collision detection. It tracks accurate and auditable details of worker movements through geofencing and beacon technology, and ensures they receive important location-based notifications.

  • Access Control

    Ensures that access is given only to those who are authorized to be on particular port location at a given time. It also integrates with each worker’s competency data and/or timekeeping and payroll systems.

  • eLearning

    Ensures that port workers are adequately trained not only to do their jobs but are familiar with the safety directives and procedures of the port. This is especially critical since many contractors and vendors may not be onsite every day and need to know how to prevent and respond to incidents. Proof of successful training completion documents are automatically generated and attached to the worker’s records.

  • Digital Forms

    Automates your form and checklist creation in the field, supporting inspections, incident investigations, audits, and other worker safety initiatives. Forms can be prepopulated with real-time data from the EPP or other integrated systems. Also automatically generates and attaches proof documents to worker records including government required forms.

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With our expertise in ports and focus on worker safety, the EPP is designed to automate security, health and safety, training, and contractor management across your entire operations to connect and protect and your port.

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